Wasps are territorial critters and, while they act as natural pest control for other insects, they themselves are also a problem, especially when they take up residence in your home. As the summer heats up, so does the influx of wasps looking for a perfect home. However, if you know what attracts them, you can discourage unwanted future visits.

Quite simply, wasps are attracted to everything from pet food to perfume. Here are the top three preferences of the persistent wasp:

Trash can protein

In early summer and spring, you may glimpse wasps flying around your trash cans looking for protein-based scraps. Meat is of particular interest to them. To avoid repeat visits, when your trash can is emptied, be sure to wash it out thoroughly to discourage the wasp family from returning. Or, better yet, dispose of trash in the compost system.

Sweet tooth

Autumn will see wasps develop a sweet tooth for fruit, juices and carbonated drinks, such as coca cola – so much so that they will become aggressive if prevented from getting their sugar fix. Be sure to keep a lid on your sugary drink when sitting outside. It is also a good idea to use a straw if drinking from the can, in case sneaky wasps fly inside. Additionally, if you have fruit trees, be sure to pick fruit as soon as it ripens and remove any soiled fruit from the ground.

Floral attraction

Like humans, wasps are also attracted to beautiful flowers, except wasps are more interested in the nectar to snack on. During spring, flowering plants will attract a swarm of wasps. However, if you are also wearing bright, floral clothing or sweet aromatic perfume in the garden, you may soon find yourself surrounded by hungry wasps.

Repel wasps naturally

Before reaching for harmful sprays that can harm your health and the environment, give WaspCop a call. Repel wasps naturally with a fake nest from WaspCop – it looks exactly like a real nest and will prevent those pesky wasps returning to your family home, so you can enjoy your time outside without them.